Working with Sub Panels

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Working with Sub Panels

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Sub-panels are the topics that appear beneath a primary record in Sugar. They provide you with information about the contacts or organisation which are stored elsewhere in Sugar, but which are related to the record you are viewing.



Module tiles in Sugar


Sugar uses small squares with letters to identify modules throughout the system. These tiles looks like Scrabble tiles, or like the Periodic Table of the Elements. The letters on the tiles correspond with the name of the module.


Working with sub-panels


Minimize or expand sub-panels by clicking on the sub panel itself.





Please note that only those sub-panels that are 'lit up' with color contain data. In the example below, I can tell even without opening the sub-panel that there is no Notable Legal Work associated with this organisation.





You can easily drag and drop sub-panels to change the order in which they appear on the screen. Sugar will remember this order the next time you visit a record in this module.


Working with Data in Sub-Panels


Sugar automatically places the records that have been added or edited most recently at the top of the list in a sub-panel. You can change the order that information appears in by clicking on the column heading. In the following example, I can see that the data is sorting by name because that column heading is shaded.





Just as in List View, I can preview and edit records from a sub-panel as well by clicking the eye or the Edit link.