When a contact moves jobs

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When a contact moves jobs

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How does Sugar handle BD Activity when contacts move jobs?


When a contact moves jobs, the Organisation field in their contact record will be edited to reflect the new employer. In addition, an alumni record is added to the contact which indicates their previous role / employer.


Any related BD Activities or Notes will remain associated with the contact.


In addition, any BD Activities or Notes which were previously associated with the contact AND their old employer will retain the relationship with the old employer.


However, any BD Activities or Notes related to the contact will not by default also be related to the new employer.


In other words, the default process associates legacy BD Activities with the Contact and their former employer.


For example:


Jane Doe moves from ABC Lawyers to DEF Lawyers


All of the BD Activities and Notes related to Jane Doe will continue to be associated with her. Users looking at Jane's page in Sugar will see them in the History panel.


All of the BD Activities and Notes created for Jane while she was still associated with ABC Lawyers in Sugar will also remain linked to ABC Lawyers (and will also be associated with any of her former colleagues at ABC Lawyers who were also associated with the same reports.)


None of the previous BD with Jane Doe will be visible from the DEF Lawyers page.


Note: It is possible to manually edit the related organisation field within individual BD Activities or Notes if it is considered that the record should be migrated to the new employer. But please note that BD Activities can only be associated with ONE organisation so if you do this the relationship between this meeting report and the former employer will be lost.