Webinars - Registration and Posting on Website

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Webinars - Registration and Posting on Website

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Though not solely a Sugar process, the steps related to webinars are worth documenting here.



1. Webinar is set up and live webinar is run via the Go To Webcast platform. Ensure that the registration form includes Name, Job Title, City, Country and Organisation fields so that we have sufficient contact information about viewers.


2. About two weeks after the live webinar has been run the following steps are taken to convert the webinar from a Go To Webcast event to a recorded event with no expiration date:


- Record the webinar using Camptasia. This is as tedious as it sounds. Make sure that no computer noises or email alerts pop up to ruin the shot or you will have to start all over again.


- Once recorded, edit if necessary in Camptasia and then upload video to Wistia. Select a nice first frame and activate Email and Twitter social share.


- Create a landing page in Act-On for the recorded webinar. It is easy to copy/paste from another recorded webinar landing page but be sure to change the name and the SEO settings. In-line embed the video into the landing page (800 px)


- Create a form in Act-On for persons to access the recorded webinar. Copy/paste from an other webinar form but be sure to:


- Change the title

- Change the value for Lead Source Description

- Change the default interest areas in accordance with the topic of the webinar

- Change form settings so that upon completion they are taken to the landing page with the correct webinar


- Snip a photo image of the webinar and use that on the website. Turn the image into a link to the registration form.


- Download all webinar attendee data from Go To Webcast. (This is the time-consuming part.)


- Import new contacts into Sugar

- Divide list into attendees and no-shows

- Create a custom event log for all attendees (after import)

- Use an automated program to push a note to all the Sugar record of all attendees

- Use another automated program to push a note to all Sugar records or no-shows


- Close the Go To Webcast players but amend the error message to include a link to the new permanent home of the recorded webinar


NOTE: Ask webinar presenters if they would like to receive an email every time someone views the recorded webinar. This can be set up in the Act-On form.


Log-in Notes:


Go To Webcast:




user: harneys

password: development7