Webinar and Event Attendees

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Webinar and Event Attendees

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In person events


Lists of people who attend Harneys seminars and other events should be imported into Sugar as soon as possible after the live event, following the usual contact import process. Event contacts can only be imported if the registration form includes First Name, Last Name, Organisation, City and Country (as a minimum). If Act-On was used to manage registration then the process of pushing new contacts into Sugar is easier.





Lists of people who attend Harneys webinars should be imported into Sugar about two weeks after the live event, following the contact import process. The lead source description and default interest areas should be set in accordance with the topic of the webinar. Persons who register for, but do not attend, the webinar can be added to Sugar just like the people who attended the event.


After the live event process is complete, the webinar converts to an on-demand event. Once this has taken place a contact arrives in Leads each time someone registers to view the recording. These leads will have a note attached to them indicating which form they completed. The lead conversion process for these contacts is similar to other lead conversions in that it is concerned with:


- Ensuring the contact does not already exist under a different email

- Relating the contact to the right organisation

- Populating City or Country fields if they are missing

- Checking that interest areas are added correctly

- Moving related notes to the contact


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