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Only admin users can create or edit users accounts in Sugar.


Who gets a Sugar account?


Generally speaking all lawyers (including paralegals and trainees) and all sales team members will need access to Sugar as a matter of course. Managers may or may not need access and a case-by-case decision will need to be taken. Secretaries and other support staff will need access if they have been designated as a member of the Sugar support team. When a new joiner notice is circulated it may be necessary to confirm whether or not the individual needs Sugar access and training.


Creating a new user


Click on the drop down arrow next to your user name in the upper right-hand corner.

Select ‘Admin’. Once on the admin page, select User Management in the top left hand corner.




Hover over the Users tab on the menu bar and select ‘Create New User’



The Create User screen looks like this. Please note that some of the fields you will need are behind the Advanced tab.



User settings


The table below details what goes into each field. If a field is not listed here it can be ignored.

User Profile Tab

Field Name

What goes here


User Name (required)

Harneys timekeeper initials


First Name, Last Name

Use full name as shown on Harneys intranet

This field can be updated due to name change etc. without impacting the user’s log in details



This determines whether the user is able to log into Sugar and whether we can assign records to them. It also determines whether a license is required for the user.

User Type

Regular User

Always set to Regular

Employee Status



Select from dropdown

Lawyer – Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Associate Lawyers, Senior Associate Lawyers, Of Counsel

Partner – Global and Local Partners

Sales Team – BD Managers (Hayden, Lana, Kenny, Chris, Horacio, Pia etc.)

Support – Secretaries who are providing Sugar support to fee-earners and other staff

Services – Services employees (not including Sales Team)

Marketing - Members of the marketing team

IT - IT staff

Other - Other types of staff, such as training, HR, finance etc.


Select from dropdown

Reports To

Search for the name of the person’s supervisor

Email Address

Type the email address here

Email Client

Select External Email Client from drop-down

This determines what application launches when you click on an email address in Sugar. It is important that it be set to External (which is not the default).


New Password


Although we use LDAP for log-in purposes Sugar still requires each user to have a local password.


Notify on Assignment

Uncheck this box

This is very important!

Time Zone

Select the right time zone

Time zones exist for all of our offices if you look for them.

LDAP Authentication Only

Check this box

This is very important!


Setting Access


After the User has been created, navigate to that User (Use the View Users option on the Users menu). Select the user you just created and click on the Access tab. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to Roles and select Standard User Role.


This is what the access page looks like. You can ignore all the detail. Just scroll down to the bottom…



… where you will see ‘Roles’. Click the Select button and chose ‘Standard User’ (unless they are a new marketing team or administrator user, in which case select the correct option.)




There is also a Marketing User profile for members of the Marketing Team.

Deploying Standard Dashlets


All new Sugar users must be equipped with standard Sugar dashlets.

On the Admin page, navigate to the bottom and look for the User Preference Cloning option beneath W-System User Utilities:




Select BVI Training User as the Source User
Select the new user who you have just created as the Destination User
Tick the Clone Dashlets box



Click Clone

You can also tick the following boxes in the clone process to confirm that they are set properly:

- Clone LDAP Authentication Only

- Clone Notify on Assignment

- Clone Email Client Selection

After you have completed setting up the new user log in as that user to confirm that all is in order.

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