Trip Reporting

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Trip Reporting

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The Trips Module allows us to gather and report on standard information pertaining to BD trips. It also allows us to see upcoming trips, group BD Meetings together by trip, and provides an avenue to record matters resulting from individual trips. Through reporting we can also track follow-ups by trip and get a sense of impact.


The Trips Module is read only to Standard Users. Only members of the Marketing Team can edit / create trips. The relevant BD Manager should create a Trip record in Sugar as soon as a trip is confirmed. Click "Create" from the Trips Module home screen to initiate this process.




Please follow this general guide: [ Name of traveller(s) - Destination or overall purpose of the trip ].


Use the First and Last Name for a solo trip and Last names for a trip with several people. For example:


Gonzalo Jalles – Pitch Trip

Beshoff / Davies – Dubai and Jordan Prospecting Trip

Trip Status

Planned - You've heard someone talk about this and it sounds like it will happen.

Active - Flights and hotels are booked, or travel is underway / complete

Complete - Not only is the trip complete, but you've confirmed that all BD Activities have been added

Cancelled - For some reason this trip did not take place as planned.

Destination City

If multi-city select the city which most time will be spent in. Add other city names in Name and Comments fields

Destination Country

Select one

Objectives of trip

Please describe the business case of the trip

Relevant Practice Areas

A multi-select field which enables you to select the practice areas related to the trip.

Start Date

Identify the start date of the trip

End Date

Identify the end date of the trip

Invitation List

Relate an invitation list to this trip if you wish. Invitation lists can be used to identify targets for meetings etc.


Not required but best practice to populate after the fact when total costs are known

Trip Findings

Brief notes on market observations. It's the short answer to the question "Was it a good trip?"


A free space for additional details

Matters resulting

Provide the matter number for any work which comes in as a result.


This field will populate automatically based on the Country. Leave blank.

Assigned To

Assign the trip to yourself (or the BD Manager running the trip). Use Users sub-panel (and the trip name) to indicate who is going on the journey.



After you trip is created, link all travellers to the trip by using the User sub-panel beneath the trip by using the Link Existing Record option.






After your trip is over, link all relevant BD Activities to the trip by clicking 'Link Existing Record' and selecting the meetings which took place on the trip.




Some of the trip-related reports you may want to review from time to time include:


Upcoming BD Trips
Past BD Trips
MKT: Individual Trip List of Contacts Report - ie, all the people we met with on a particular trip
MKT: Individual Trip Summary Report - ie all the meetings which took place on a trip
MKT: Trips by Number of Meetings - a matrix report showing the number of meetings associated with each trip in Sugar over a period of time.