Tips for lawyer-secretary pairs

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Tips for lawyer-secretary pairs

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There are three Golden Rules for lawyer-secretary pairs or teams.



Log in as yourself


Do not share your Sugar log in details with another person. (They are the same as your log in details for Harneys and you should not share those either.)


If a secretary or other support staff will be entering data or pulling research for someone he or she needs their own Sugar license and log-in. If one is not already set up email Help Desk to request that it be created.


Assign records to the correct fee-earner


Many of our reports depend on records being assigned to the correct fee-earner.




When you create a new contact always place the name of the fee-earner in the Assigned To field. Just start typing and the name will appear:





Likewise, if you are creating a Note, BD Activity or Conference under a contact, always make the fee-earner the assigned user. This ensures that the contact will become a part of that fee-earner's personal contact report.



See also:


I Know This Person!



BD Activities


As noted above you should assign BD Activities to the correct fee-earner so that any associated contact(s) are added to that fee earner's contact report.


It is also important to assign BD Activities to the correct fee-earner so that the fee-earner is credited with carrying out the activity on his or her performance reports.


Don't take shortcuts with data


Our contact database is only as good as the data that goes into it. When asking someone to enter contacts on your behalf always specify:


- As many contact specifics as possible (job title, telephone, city, country)

- Whether the individual should receive email newsletters

- Areas of interest


If you ask someone else to enter BD Activity reports on your behalf always provide data for all required fields including:


- Full names of all meeting participants

- Opportunity Assessment (Hot/Cold etc)

- Next steps

- A robust description