The Relationships Report

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The Relationships Report

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Who knows who - isn't this ultimately what we need Sugar to tell us? The Relationships Report displays lists of contacts (by country or organisation) and from it you can see the names of any colleagues who have Sugar history with the contact.


Navigate to the Relationships Report by hovering over Contacts and selecting Relationships Report.





When the report screen opens, select either an Organisation or a Country to search. Hit the submit button:




You can sort the results by clicking on the arrows next to any of the column names.


You can also filter the results by organisation, city or name by typing into the search box. In the example below, I filtered down to our contacts from DLA Piper in Hong Kong by typing DLA in the search box. You can also filter by the name of a Harneys users, if you just want to see who that user knows.





Interpreting the search results


The name in the Assigned User column at the far right is the user who first entered this contact in Sugar (or caused the contact to be entered in Sugar).


Any names in the History Users column have Sugar history with this contact. This comes about in three main ways:


- The user was responsible for entering the contact in the old KIA database

- The user has recorded a note of some kind against this contact in Sugar

- The user has recorded a BD Activity or Conference/Event in Sugar, and listed this contact as an attendee.


You can always click on the contact name for more information about the firm's history with a particular contact.


Note that you can select contacts and add them to a target list. This can be useful for creating invitation or holiday gift lists.


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