The Primary Data Sync

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The Primary Data Sync

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This is the twice-daily sync which ensures that contact data in Sugar and Act-On is synchronized. It is controlled from the Marketing List / SugarCRM Contacts segment within Act-On.


All SugarCRM Contacts


A twice-daily sync between Act-On and Sugar at 5 am and 5 pm daily. Adds, updates and removes all records.


Push from Act-On to Sugar


EmailReason (aka Email Status)

Act-On Lead Score


Pull from Sugar to Act-On


First Name

Last Name

Job Title

Org Name


Primary Address Country

Primary Address City


Unique ID

Act-On Lead Score

Country Region

Contact Type

Primary (Assigned User)

Act-On Lead Score


For some specific segments within All SugarCRM Contacts additional data fields by be pushed from Act-On to Sugar. For example see Islamic Finance Article Downloads. (See: Behaviour Based Interest Area Updates)


Note: When adding a new interest area in Sugar it is necessary to turn on the data pull so that this option becomes available as a segment in Act-On.