Subscription Management

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Subscription Management

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Subscription management is a tool in Act-On which allows subscribers to our emails to choose to receive only certain types of messages. It is intended as an alternative to unsubscribing.


Subscription management occurs in addition to our existing suppression policies, and in addition to our interest area mailing lists. It takes place only in Act-On and there is no visibility within Sugar of whether a contact has opted for subscription management.


Categories of mailings


We have the following mailing categories:


Client announcements - Need-to-know service or regulatory updates to active clients
Legal Updates - Legal updates concerning developments in BVI, Cayman or Cyprus
Webinar, Seminar and Event Invitations - Invitations to upcoming webinars, seminars and other events
Firm News - Announcements and updates about Harneys


When someone clicks on the unsubscribe link in our mailings they are taken to a landing page which provides them with the option to unsubscribe completely, or to choose to receive only certain types of mailings.


The mailing types and landing page are managed in Act-On.


Setting up mailings using Subscription Management


The subscription management processes generally run in the background without any input from anyone, except for one important thing: all outgoing mailshots must be assigned a mailing type so that Act-On can implement the rules. The subscription category is applied using the box in the upper right-hand corner of the Address page in the mailshot creation process.


If a mailshot is not assigned a category, it will not be sent to any contacts who specifically opted in to that type of mailing, so it is important not to overlook this step.




Finding the Subscription Management List


If you want to see which of our contacts have opted for subscription management go to the Account Lists page under Contacts in Act-On. You will find the list there.