Sending press releases using Sugar

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Sending press releases using Sugar

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Sugar is where we store our press database and so it is also how we send press releases. It also assists with PR reporting.



Click View Contacts and use filter search to narrow down the press contacts you wish to send your press release to.


Your first filter will always be to select Press from Contact Type





Following that, you may choose to filter further by location, practice area or media type, for example:


This search limits to Legal Trade publications:




This search limits to Press contacts in the Cayman Islands and the BVI:




Tip: Remember that you can save searches that you use regularly by giving the search a name and clicking 'Save'.



Once you have narrowed down your list sufficiently, select those contacts that you want to receive the press release by ticking the box at the far left. You can select all or you can select recipients one at a time.






Click the drop-down arrow next to the select checkbox, and select  'Email'





A 'Quick Create' email form will be generated, with your recipients pre-populated in the 'To' line. This 'quick create' form does not have all the options we need to complete the send process, so you will need to save this email as a draft and then return to it from within the Emails module.


To save the email as a draft, simple click on the arrow next to the 'Send' button and select 'Save Draft'. Once the email has been saved as a draft, navigate to the Emails module.




Expand your email folder at the left, if necessary, and select 'My Drafts'




Open the email you created:





Add Bcc and move all media contacts to the Bcc line by copy and pasting the text.


Relate your outgoing press release to the Project called Press Releases 2016 (or Press Releases 2017/2018 etc).





Type the content of your email into the body and upload any attachments. Click Send when you are ready. Be sure to also send a copy to yourself.


Note regarding large-scale emails in Sugar


If you are sending a press release to more than 400 contacts, it is important to double-check that all your email recipients will receive the email. There is a limit to the number of characters which the "To" field on the Sugar email form can hold. This limit is roughly 18,000 characters which, depending on the length of the email addresses and associated names, could be between 400 and 500 contacts.


To check this, set up your email as usual but before sending it, select the entire "To" field and copy this into Wordpad or Microsoft Word. Scroll to the end of the document to see if it appears to have been cut off. Through some testing, the cut-off seems to be around 450 contacts but it will depend on the actual make-up of your list.



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