Maintaining NLW

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Maintaining NLW

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It is the job of the marketing team to ensure that new notable legal work is populated in Sugar correctly. The information stored here is synced with other systems and needs to be entered correctly. There are two main elements to this:


Entering new NLW


If Notable Legal Work comes to you via a form or source (such as a directory submission or request for it to be added to the website) other than Sugar, the first step is to enter the data into Notable Legal Work.




Next, you will create the right relationships between the NLW entry, users, contacts and organisations:


After the NLW is in Sugar, review the description to identify the names of any parties advised.


Create a relationship between the NLW and any parties advised by using the Related Organisations sub-panel.


It may be necessary to create a new Organisation. You can do so using the Quick Create form. (But always check to see if the organisation exists first.) If you do not have privileges to create an Organisation ask a CRM Administrator to do so for you.


Create a relationship between the NLW and any lawyers involved in the transaction by using the Users sub-panel.



Quality Control Checklist


Take the opportunity to review the entry for completeness and follow up with the fee-earner if you have any questions. Specific issues to look out for include:


Is the entry going to be come outdated in the future, due to a reference to ongoing work. If so, add add a review date and note to the record.
Have any requests for confidentiality been reflected accurately. Where the exact nature of the confidentiality is not clear, have you asked the lawyer(s) involved for more information?
Are the three description fields populated (if appropriate)? Does the short deal description conform with our style of beginning with a verb, ie "Advising ..." "Acting ..."
Are all the practice, sector, region and jurisdiction fields set correctly? Think about future users (or yourself) who may be looking for examples of certain types of work to complete a project or request.
Have you checked for possible duplicates and reconciled any differences, or have you satisfied yourself that they are different transactions?
Is the name of the record clear and helpful? Does it indicate the nature of the deal?
Are all the linked relationships (Users, Organisations) created?
Is the publicity value field populated in a reasonable way?
If the deal is also listed on the website, has the link been added to the record? Is the publishable text consistent with what is on the website?