Reading the Act-On Dashboard

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Reading the Act-On Dashboard

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The Act-On dashlets provide you with a snapshot of a contact's interactions with the firm's marketing communications. The dashlet will show you whether a contact has been receiving and opening our emails, visiting our website, attending our events and more.


Finding and navigating the Act-On dashlet


The Act-On dashlet should appear on the right-hand side of the screen when you are looking at an individual contact record.




If for any reason it is not there, you can always add it by editing the dashboard.


Navigating the dashlet is easy: click on each tab for more details or stay on the overview page for a snapshot.



Understanding the data


The table below provides an introduction to each element of the integrator.



A tracking cookie is installed in the web browser of most contacts who are known to us (people who have opened at least one email or attended a webinar). This cookie enables us to track this person's visits to our website. From here you can see what pages the person visited and on what date.


This is a summary of all mass emails which we have sent the contact. You'll also be able to see if they clicked on any links in any of the mailings.


If this contact completed any online forms you will see that here.


From time to time we create certain media downloads in Act-On: these may be documents that form a part of a mailing, a calendar invite, or other communications campaign.


We create custom event logs for off-line events such as in person events. Any history of event attendance (where an attendance list has been provided to Marketing) will appear here.


The sheer volume of data within the Act-On integrator can be overwhelming. This is why Harneys also uses lead scores, also called behaviour scores.


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