Reading an organisation page

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Reading an organisation page

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You can find a lot of useful information on an organisation page.


The primary organisation panel


There is general information about the organisation stored at the top of the organisation page. Click "Show More" to read a description of the organisation, if available:







The organisation sub panels


Sub-panels are the windows that appear beneath the primary organisation panel. They store information that is related to the organisation in one way or another. (See Working with sub-panels for helpful information about navigating within sub-panels.)


Below is information about most of the the sub-panels that appear beneath an organisation record:



This panel is a list of all the contacts that are related to this organisation: the contacts that work there. You can create a new contact associated with this organisation by clicking the + sign.



This panel provides an overview of any Notes, BD Activities or Conferences / Networking Events which have been related to this organisation. Use the keyword and assigned user filters to quickly search for relevant information.


You can create new history with an organistion by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the sub-panel.


See also: Using the History panel

See also: Creating BD Activity

Associated Organisations

We use this panel to record associations or other relationships between organisations. Contact a CRM Administrator if a new association needs to be added.

Notable Legal Work

Any Notable Legal Work associated with this organisation will appear in this panel. You can also create a new NLW record directly from the subpanel if you wish. (See: Adding Notable Legal Work for more information)


The Alumni subpanel lists any contacts or Harneys users who are known to be former employees of this organisation. (See: About Alumni Records)

Referred Client

If this organisation was listed as the referral source of a new client then a record of that client ID will appear in this sub-panel. (See: About Client IDs)

Client IDs

If this organisation is associated with any client IDs they will be listed here. (See: About Client IDs)

Outgoing Referrals

If this organisation was listed as the recipient of any outgoing referrals from Harneys they will be listed here. (See: Outgoing Referrals)