Processing new leads

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Processing new leads

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New leads arrive in the Leads module of Sugar as a result of various marketing processes. CRM Administrators must process these leads in order for them to be added the the Contacts module.


The following steps summarise the overall process of converting a lead. Specific information about different types of leads can be found on the next pages.



Check whether the Lead's organisation already exists, and confirm correct name for Sugar.
You may need to do  research to confirm whether the organisation is the same as one already in the system, with a similar name. Search for the company website or if necessary go back to the person who submitted the contact to confirm.
TIP: Remember to use the wildcard character before the organisation name if using the global search bar, and think about other possible names that the organisation could be stored under. The objective is to be sure that you are not creating a duplicate organsiation. Refer to our organisation naming conventions for more information on this topic.
If the Organisation does not already exist create the Organisation, being sure to complete the sector field.
Select Convert from the blue button drop-down menu.
Think of the lead conversion process as a two-step process. First you confirm the details of your contact, and then you select the organisation by associating it to the lead.
Check all the contact data paying special attention to interest areas and the Lead Source Description field. Once complete click "Associate Contact"
Next click 'search' on step 2 to locate the organisation which you just created.



Select the Organisation and then click 'Associate Contact'
Finally, click 'Save and Convert' to finish the process
Open New Contact to confirm that all relevant data was copied over.






Sometimes in the process of converting a lead Sugar will flag a potential duplicate based on similarity between the name of an existing contact. This arises when the email addresses are not identical but the names are similar. Always review the potential duplicate records and do not create a new contact if there is a genuine duplicate.


After completing this process the Lead remains in the Leads module but its status is changed to Converted.


Some leads which come through may not be suitable for conversion. For example, Harneys staff members or individuals who do not provide enough information about themselves to be of use. When in doubt check with Susanna as to whether or not to convert a particular lead.