Processing contact update requests

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Processing contact update requests

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It is the CRM Administrator's responsibility to process contact update requests promptly.


How change requests are submitted


Remember that there are certain fields within a contact record that standard users are not able to update themselves:


Employer change
Delete contact
Duplicate contact
Do Not Mail status


When any of the above changes need to be made to a contact record, users select Request Update and type the necessary information in the Details field.


We have developed a custom report which pulls out a list of all contacts with an 'active' Request Update field. This report is delivered to the marketing inbox twice per day at approximately 3 am / 3 pm BVI time. The report can also be located at any time within the Reports module. It is called MKG: Contact Request Update.


Each CRM Administrator should check this report on a daily basis and process any outstanding requests.


Employer Change


Follow the procedure for when someone changes jobs.


Duplicate contact


Follow the procedure for merging duplicate contacts.


Delete contact


If the individual is known to be deceased, delete the contact record.
If the individual has left their current employment and is missing in action, follow the protocol for contacts who change jobs.
If it is thought that there is no need for the person to be in our contact database, confirm with the Director of Marketing and then delete if necessary.


Do Not Mail Status


If someone is asking to add someone to the firm's Voluntary Do Not Mail list:


Confirm whether the contact made the request themselves. If so, unsubscribe the contact directly from Act-On.
If the contact did not make the request, review their engagement with our marketing communications. If they have been actively engaged point this out to the person making the request and confirm their request.
Tick the VDNM box and populate the DNM requested by field with the name of the person making the request.


If someone is asking for the Do Not Mail status to be switched off, inform the person who made the original request and ask if they have an objection. If not, clear both the DNM Requested By field as well as the DNM tick box.