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Premium Content

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Gated content allows Harneys to obtain information about people who consume certain pieces of content on our website or elsewhere.


If a particular piece of content is deemed to be of more than usual value, we will put a gate on it. That is, individuals will have to fill in a form before they can download the content. The purpose of this is to (1) discourage skylarkers and (2) obtain information about the people who are consuming this content.


Think through interest areas


- What conclusions can we reach about a person's areas of interest if they consume this content. Make a list of any interest areas that apply.

- Confirm with relevant partners whether this content should be gated in perpetuity, or only for a period of time. If the gate should expire, diarize that.


Create a gated content form in Act-On


You may copy from an existing form for the general outline.

Put the name of the document in the Lead Source Description (hidden) field

Select any relevant interest areas as hidden fields and set value to TRUE


A gated content form looks like this:




Set the form to push a note onto any existing contact records:





Save the form


Go to the associated Sign-Up List and set the Sugar Sync to create new Leads and update all your hidden fields




Schedule a weekly data push on the weekend.


The effect of the above is that:


A note will appear on the Sugar records of any existing contacts that download the content

A new lead will be generated for any new contacts. These leads will appear in Sugar with the interest areas selected and the name of the document in the Lead Source Description Field.


CRM Administrators must convert these new leads.


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