Potential Directory References

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Potential Directory References

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We use Sugar to keep track of clients who might serve as good references for the firm in the legal directories process. Such clients should be individuals you have worked with recently and who can speak to the quality of service and advice you provided.


Tagging contacts as potential directory references


To tag a contact in Sugar as a potential directory reference, first navigate to (or create) the contact record in Sugar.


Hover over and click the tick box labelled "Potential Directory Reference"




Once this box is ticked, another field will appear. This field should state the name of the individual who is putting forward this potential reference. This name can be edited; it defaults to the person who is logged in.




Remember to click 'Save' before leaving the contact page.



Finding your 'tagged' contacts


Use filter search to identify those contacts in Sugar with a positive value for "Potential Directory Reference"


Use a second filter to identify those contacts where your name appears in the "Referee Nomination By"


The screenshot below shows how these filters will appear.