Post-Event Protocol (Harneys events)

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Post-Event Protocol (Harneys events)

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We have an established protocol for how Harneys-sponsored events appear in Sugar. The purpose of this is to ensure that events are reflected in a consistent way and to cut down on unnecessary administrative work on the part of lawyers.


1.Event manager prepares final list of attendees in Excel
2.Any new contacts are added to Sugar by the event manager
3.Event manager provides CRM Administrator with the list for creation of the custom event log in Act-On. The purpose of this is to give the contacts lead score points on the basis of the event. The custom event log does not create contact records -- that must be done first by the event / BD manager.
4.If a thank-you email is being sent the list is also used to facilitate this process
5.Event manager writes overall description of event as a BD Activity in Sugar. Any contacts who attended are added to the BD Activity as attendees.
6.Other Harneys attendees can be encouraged to record individual conversations of note as stand-alone BD Activities under the appropriate contact or organisation record.