Personalising your home screen

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Personalising your home screen

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Make your Sugar home screen work for you by setting up helpful dashlets and re-organising your layout.


Your home page dashlets are windows into Sugar: they can give you an instantaneous look at the newest data to be entered into the system.


Removing or editing an existing dashlet


Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the dashlet to remove it from your layout, edit the filter or display settings, or refresh the data.






Moving dashlets


You can adjust your home screen to suit your needs by changing the dashlets on your screen.


To move an existing dashlet or add a new dashlet click 'Edit' on the blue drop down menu:




Once in edit mode, drag and drop existing dashets into available space or click the + sign to add a new dashlet. You can also add new rows.





Be sure to click 'Save' to save the changes you have made to your dashboard.








Adding multiple dashboards


You can create multiple tabs for all your dashlets. Imagine, for example, that you want to create a set of dashlets for North America information and other set for Asia. Create a new dashboard by clicking on the blue Create button.  After that, simply choose a layout,  add your dashlets and give the new page a name.






All your saved dashboards will be easily accessible from the home screen Sugar menu: