Outgoing Referrals

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Outgoing Referrals

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The outgoing referrals module is how we track referrals that we have given to clients in favour of external service providers. Whenever you refer a client to another service provider that referral should be logged in this module.


What are outgoing referrals?


Outgoing Referrals are referrals that we give to clients and prospective clients when Harneys is not able to perform the specific service which they require. Outgoing referrals represent a kind of 'currency' which we can use to build relationships and encourage other service providers to refer work to Harneys. We cannot put this currency to work unless we track it.



Logging an outgoing referral


Navigate to the Outgoing Referrals menu and select create outgoing referral


Complete as much of the form as you can. The following fields are required:


- Subject

- Date of referral

- Recipient Organisation

- Name of Harneys user who gave the referral


We strongly encourage you to also complete:


- Potential value of referral

- Recipient Contact

- Description





Note: You may go back to any outgoing referral record to add additional information about the status and value of the job as more information becomes available.



Finding outgoing referrals


Any outgoing referrals which are related to a particular contact or organisation will appear in the Outgoing Referrals sub-panel on the relevant contact or organisation page.


You can also search for outgoing referrals using a filter search in list view.