Newsletter Sign Up form

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Newsletter Sign Up form

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This form sits on the firm's website.


This form gathers:



Email Address


Job Title



(all required)


It also collects interest area data. When a new interest area is added or a name is changed, this form must be updated.



Upon completion of the form, users see this message:


"Thank you for your interest in Harneys' newsletters. Your request has been received."


Data from this form is pushed to Sugar:


If the contact already exists in Sugar, the following data fields are over-written:


Job Title



Interest Area fields (only adds new ones)


While the data should be overwritten automatically whenever the form is completed, we also have a weekly data push scheduled from the Newsletter Sign-Up Form List into Sugar to ensure that all are updated.


If the contact is new (on the basis of email address), the contact is added as a Lead and it must be converted.


In either scenario a note is automatically written to the contact/lead's record.


Whenever this form is submitted an email is automatically generated and sent to