Newsletter requests

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Newsletter requests

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People who ask to be added to our newsletter list via the form on the firm's website appear in Sugar as new Leads. Data submitted on this form is pushed into Sugar on a rolling.


New requests arrive in Leads with Lead Source Description as “Website Newsletter Form”. They are generated through the Newsletter Sign-Up Form in Act-On.


Vet the contact
a.Does info appear legitimate?
b.Be wary of fake-looking data “aaa” “bbb” etc
c.Could this be a competitor trying to get onto our mailing list?
d.Duplicate check / org check as per usual


NOTE: There is no need to be overly cautious about newsletter sign-ups but equally no need to score an own goal by allowing our competitors through when it is obvious who they are. Please note that this is what we state on the form:


Please note that we generally require subscribers to sign up using a corporate email account. 


If request is legitimate


Convert the lead using the same general process as outlined in the Processing New Leads entry.


Send a confirmation email to the individual using the newsletter sign-up template in Sugar by following these steps.



NOTE: Only admins and certain other users are able to send emails in this way in Sugar.



 1. Click on the contact's email address. After a moment the email dialog box will open.



 2. Click Options to select the newsletter template





3.  Select Newsletter Confirmation from Template drop-down. Select your signature from Signature drop down.





4. Send the email





If contact is determined to be illegitimate


Always seek the approval of the Director of Marketing before following these steps:


No email is sent to the contact


The lead is converted in the usual way.


Do Not Mail is checked on the contact.


A Note is added to the contact indicating that they asked to be added to our mailing list but that this was not fulfilled.



Harneys staff who sign up using this form


Harneys staff receive mailshots and updates automatically and should not be added to the mailing list or to Sugar, unless they are bonafide clients of the firm in their personal capacity. You may ignore any such requests that are submitted.


Newsletter requests from contacts that were already in Sugar


If the contact submitting the newsletter request is already in Sugar (by virtue of their email address already being in the system), a Lead will not be generated. If you come across such a situation, you will need to try to figure out why the contact was not receiving our emails. Check their interest areas, and ensure they are not on the hard bounce or soft bounce lists in Act-On. Depending on the circumstances, follow up with the contact to let them know that they should now start receiving our alerts.