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Public statement on Harneys Invest / Harneys Investment


Harneys considers it necessary to issue this public statement to protect the interests of anyone doing business with individuals claiming to represent an entity called Harneys Invest, Harneys Investment or Harneys Investment Limited, and to make the general public aware that this business and its representatives are not authorised by or in any way connected with Harneys, Harneys Fiduciary, our employees or agents.
Harneys Invest  / Harneys Investment / Harneys Investment Limited purports to be engaged in “debt negotiation” or "debt settlement" and has unlawfully copied the design, logo, graphics and information architecture of our website, www.harneysfid.com, in order to give the false impression that it is connected to Harneys. The public is advised to avoid any interactions with individuals associated with Harneys Invest, Harneys Investment or its website, and to report any questionable activities to the appropriate authorities.

If you have been contacted by Harneys Invest  / Harneys Investment / Harneys Investment Limited, please forward all correspondence to marketing@harneys.com. Harneys is actively addressing the situation and will provide further updates when available.
The only authorised websites connected with Harneys or Harneys Fiduciary are: www.harneys.comwww.harneysfid.comwww.harneysfid-cyprus.comwww.harneys.cn; and our blogs (www.offshorefundsblog.com and www.harneysoffshorelitigation.com).

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