New In Sugar 7

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New In Sugar 7

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In November 2015 Harneys upgraded to the latest edition of Sugar. Here are the top 10 things existing users need to know about the upgraded system.



1. Preview


See information throughout Sugar, without having to open a record, by clicking the Preview eye icon.






2. Hover view


Read long entries by hovering over the truncated field, rather than having to open the record.








3. I Know This Person


See someone you know? Click I Know This Person on the contact record to add the contact to your list. This is much faster than the previous solution which was to create a Note.






4. Filter Search


Meet filter search: a flexible, powerful and fast way to find data in Sugar. Just add filters and Sugar narrows down the information in real time. Try it - you'll like it!






5. Double-click to Edit


See something in List View that needs updating? Just double click on the record and edit in-line and then Save. No extra clicks required.





6. Customise your columns


Drag and drop your columns in list view to change the order, or click the gear icon to add or remove columns for clutter-free viewing.







7. Add charts to your dashboards


Add a chart from any saved report to your home dashboard, or to the dashboard associated with a specific module.




8. Hover Edit


Now you can directly edit information in Sugar by hovering over the field and clicking on the data you wish to change.






9. Marketing Email History


No clicks required to see the marketing email history we have with a specific contact. It appears to the right in the Act-On history dashlet.





10. You can do more!


As part of the upgrade we have also made the following changes to permissions and data:


- All users can view all users' contacts in the My Contacts report

- All users can edit names of contacts

- New Chinese Character Name field in contacts


For more, log into Sugar and review the completely updated Harneys Sugar Help online manual.