New Client Form (Legal)

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New Client Form (Legal)

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This form is used to gather information about new law firm clients. It requires additional information than what is needed for Elite and this additional information is used to create new Client records in Sugar.


The New Client Creation Form (Law Firm) is designed to gather the information that is required to open a client in Elite as well as the information we want to create a new client ID in Sugar. Required fields include:


- Originating Timekeeper

- Client Name

- Client Billing Address

- Client Contact

- Whether Client Contact should receive Harneys newsletters


Other non-required fields include:


- Client Contact's job title and organisation

- Location of client contact if different than billing address

- Referral source (internal or external)



Upon completion, the form emails the information to the Client Opening Team. A member of the client opening team creates the client in Elite and lets the relevant staff members know it has been created and the number. A copy of this email is sent to the Marketing inbox.


The IT Department manages the Client Opening Team email group and any changes to this group should be reflected in the make-up of the email group.


It is the responsibility of the CRM Administrators to review incoming new clients regularly and add them to Sugar's Client IDs module. There is no Sugar / Act-On automation or sync in place for this form. Data is entered manually after a careful review of the new client.



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