Naming conventions and rules concerning organisations

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Naming conventions and rules concerning organisations

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A standardised approach to organisational names in Sugar helps prevent duplication and makes it easier to find information.



Remove abbreviations like LLP, LLC, Inc., S.A. from the end of company or organisation names.


These abbreviations get in the way of searches. Strip them from organisation names. If necessary, the precise legal name can be included in the Division field, which is part of the client record.


Refer to the way in which the organisation writes its own name.


On matters of style, defer to the company's own preferences. If a company combines two words into one, or uses an ampersand in its name, so should we.


Include common abbreviations in the name, parenthetically


To help users location organisations which may be referred to by initials or by name, include both, like this: Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)