Merging organisations

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Merging organisations

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Merging organisations is easy, but you need to be sure that you understand the implications before doing it.


Merging organisations that are part of the same global business


Merging duplicate organisations -- either old duplicates or new ones which are created by error -- is an ongoing task for Administrators. Please review our naming conventions and rules concerning organisations for more information about organisation records and names in Sugar.


The first step of merging two organisation records is to confirm that they are in fact duplicates and that they need to be combined. Then I must update the Division field of any applicable contacts with the precise name of the unit/office.




Use Google or other resources to determine the best / correct name for the organsiation. Search Sugar to be sure that you have identified all the applicable duplicates.


Mass Update Division Fields


So that the name of the specific business unit or office is not lost, the first step of an organisation merge is to mass update the division field of all contacts within a specific organisation, with the name of the organisation that will be subsumed after the merge.


Conduct a contact search to locate all the contacts related to the organisations that will eventually be deleted.


Select contacts in groups according to the original organisations.


Select Mass Update Division and type in the correct Division name.


Repeat as needed for all other affected organisations / contacts.


Merge the Organisations


Navigate to the organisation record you intend to keep and click Find Duplicates in the blue drop down menu.


Help Sugar locate the duplicate(s) by setting an appropriate filter:


On the results page, make sure that you select ONLY those organisations that you have confirmed to be part of the same global business. Remember that companies often have similar names.


On the merge screen, carefully review the data paying special attention to:


Preserving the sector
Removing any address details


Click Save and then Confirm when complete, and review your work.



Merging organisations after a merger


Merging law firms or other businesses are handled in much the same way as other types of organisation merges although:


You will learn of law firm mergers via news alerts or notices.
Don't merge organisations until after the merger has taken place: don't merge simply on the basis of an announcement - sometimes these things do not work out.
Always check the company website following the merger to confirm the new name.
It is important to Mass Update the Division fields of contacts so that it is evident which organisation each contact came from originally.
Put a Note on the organisation making reference to the merge and providing the source of information.
Update the organisation with the new name, but you may want to keep an old name in parenthesis if you think users will still look for it.


Associations are not mergers


Law firms frequently establish associations with one another, which can range from a loose agreement to refer work to one another to a more formal agreement to 'tie up'. Whatever the case, an association is not the same thing as a merger and law firms in an association with one another should not be merged.


Instead use the Associated Organisation sub-panel which exists on the organisation page to indicate that there is a relationship between this and another firm.


Note: Associations must be created (or removed) twice: once from each of the associated firms' pages. 


For example, if you want to demonstrate that there is an association between Harneys and BLC Chambers it would be necessary to navigate first to Harneys organisation page, scroll down to Associated Organisations, and then click Select to choose BLC Chambers:





And then repeat a mirror image of the same procedure on BLC Chambers' organisation page.


Please note that only CRM Administrators have access to create association records in Sugar.