Maintenance Programmes

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Maintenance Programmes

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Maintenance Programmes are used to populate specific data fields in Sugar based on specific behaviours or activities that take place in Act-On.



Lead scores from Act-On to Sugar


This describes how the data field 'Lead Score' is being populated in Sugar:


A maintenance programme has been set up on both the SugarCRM Contacts and SugarCRM Leads lists in Act-On which populates the EmailReason field with the current score from Act-On.


The programme looks like this and runs every 7 hours.




Email Status from Act-On to Sugar


W-Systems built an automation that invalidates (strikes a line through and ticks the invalid box) any email addresses that are invalidated in Act-On.


Additionally, we have three maintenance programmes built off our Opt-Out, Domain Suppression and HardBounce lists, that populate the EmailReason field in Sugar.


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