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Access to Sugar


Either of the following actions will cause a user to be unable to access SugarCRM:


1. Their Harneys account becomes inactive

2. Their Sugar account is made inactive (disabled)


When a user no longer needs access to Sugar we disable (make inactive) their account:


1. For security purposes

2. Because Harneys pays for Sugar by the number of active users


We do not, however, as a general rule delete old users: we simply make them inactive. This leaves intact relationship data which we may want in the future but it disables access and frees up a user license.


From time to time Development may purge out old user accounts where no relationship data exists but this must be done with care and only after it has been confirmed that no relationship data will be lost.



To disable a user account


Navigate to the record in question. Click Edit and change the data fields as follows:


Field Name

What goes here




This means they will no longer be able to log into Sugar and we can no longer assign records to them.

Employee Status



Leave as is

For reporting purposes, if necessary


Leave as is

For reporting purposes, if necessary


Delete any data – leave blank

Reports To

Delete any data – leave blank

Email Address

Delete any data – leave blank



Special requests to disable access


From time to time it may be necessary to restrict a user’s access to Sugar outside of the normal leavers process. In such a case the request should come to a CRM Administrator from a Global Partner or Director and the process would be exactly the same as the process described for leavers above.


If the user needs to add outstanding records to Sugar this should be done by another user on his or her behalf.