In-person events

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In-person events

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There are two objectives to the follow-up in Sugar following a Harneys-sponsored event. Firstly, to add any new contacts who were invited to or attended the event but are not in Sugar and, secondly, to establish a record on that contact record indicating that the individual attended the event.



Step 1. Adding New Contacts


The easiest way to add new contacts from an event list is through Act-On:


Carefully prepare your spreadsheet in line with Sugar data fields. Pay special attention:


- Be sure that City and Country are both included and that the country name is in all caps and matches the list in Sugar exactly

- Create a column called Lead Source Description and input the name of the event

- Add columns for any relevant interest areas and populate with TRUE


Upload your spreadsheet as Marketing List for your event. When you are done, it will look like this:






Using the tools in Act-On, prepare your data:


- De-duplicate your list

- Scrub email addresses for bad syntax or lowercase names



When you are done, your list will look something like this:




Next set up your Sugar Sync. Set the system to create new contacts as Leads and to update any of the custom fields you created.


Exactly like this:




You must then click the 'Select Push-Update Fields' and tick the Lead Source Description, any interest area fields, and the city and country fields (not shown below - but do include them)



Click Run Now to push list into Sugar. There is no need to schedule this type of list for regular syncs.


Once the sync has been completed move the list to the correct folder and continue to the next step.


The end result of this process is that any new contacts appear as leads and must be converted. If you have a lot of new contacts then it would probably be more efficient to import these into Sugar directly using the contact import process.



Step 2. Creating Event Attendance Record


Create a custom event log and assign a lead score for the activity.