Importing Contacts

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Importing Contacts

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This item describes the steps involved in importing new contacts into Sugar from an external spreadsheet. Administrators should not attempt to import contacts on the basis of this information only and must also watch the appropriate Sugar training video on the subject. This information below deals with Harneys-specific rules and procedures concerning contact imports and does not attempt to present everything that administrators should know about the process.


Prepare the spreadsheet


Obtain the template for contact imports from Sugar and delete the columns that you will not need.


In preparing the data bear in mind that the following are required fields in the Contacts module and should be included at minimum:


First Name

Last Name





Country names must match Sugar list exactly, and must be in all caps


If your country names do not precisely match the country list in Sugar (even down to the all caps) a muck will be made. Please make sure this is set up correctly.


Clean organisation names


In order to prevent the creation of duplicate organsiations, it is essential that the name of the organisation in any imported contact record exactly match the name of the organisation in Sugar.


The process of cleaning organisation names involves identifying the organisation name as it appears in Sugar, updating the spreadsheet, and creating new organsiations when necessary. The fastest way to accomplish this task is to perform a global search on the organisation names, one at a time. Use your cursor to copy and paste the name directly from the global search results into the spreadsheet.



Add, don't update contacts


Select the option to add new contacts, not update existing ones. Updating contacts is a rare function and must be approached with great care.


Add interest area data at the field mapping stage


Often times it is possible to deduce an area of interest based on the source of your data import. For example, if you are importing a list of contacts who attended an insolvency seminar, it is safe to assume that they are interested in Restructuring & Insolvency. You can improve the quality of our interest area data by adding that field to your import and setting TRUE as a default value.


Check for duplicates using the email address field


Email address is the most reliable way to check for duplicates in our existing contacts.


Confirm that you did not create any duplicate organisations


When your import is complete always confirm that you did not create any new organisations. If you did, it will be necessary to find the duplicate organisation which was created and merge it with the existing. If you created more than a handful of new organisation you may want to consider undoing the import and re-cleaning your data.