Suppressed Contacts

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Suppressed Contacts

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There are different groups of contacts in Sugar that do not receive our marketing emails.


Those suppressed by Act-On


Domain Level Suppression, Opt-Outs and Subscription Management


See: Understanding invalid emails in Sugar


Those that we choose not to email


Voluntary Do Not Mail


Contacts are tagged as Voluntary Do Not Mail:


When someone at Harneys has asked that they be removed from our mailing lists

When the contact was added to Sugar as a result of a directory reference list, without confirmation from the lawyer that the contact should receive our mailings


Missing in Action


When we are informed that someone has left their place of employment and we do not know where they have gone or their new email address, this contact is tagged as MIA, or Missing in Action. We do not send emails to these contacts.


Canada Not Opt-In


Canadian contacts who have not positively opted if for our mailings are excluded from emails, due to Canada's anti-spam law.


See also: Handling contacts who have moved jobs