Finding your contacts

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Finding your contacts

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You can easily locate a list of 'your' contacts in Sugar. These are contacts that you added, or which you have Sugar history with.


Finding your contacts


Hover over the contacts menu and click on My Contacts.





Select your name from the drop-down list and hit Submit. This will lead you to a list of all your contacts.


The list looks like this:






From this screen you can:


Sort by name, organisation name, city, country or lead score.


Click through to any contact or organisation page you wish.


Add all or some of your contacts to a target list. Target lists (also called invitation lists) are used for events, BD trips and other situations where a temporary list of contacts is needed.



How is Sugar determining which contacts appear in my contact list?


If any of the following scenarios apply to a particular contact, it will appear in your individual contact report:


- You created the contact, or someone created the contact for you and populated the Assigned To field with your name

- There is an item in the history panel beneath the contact that is assigned to you. This will happen if:

 - You created a meeting or conference report and listed this contact as an attendee

 - You created a note underneath this contact

 - You clicked 'I Know This Person' on the contact record

- Your name appears in the subject line of a note beneath the contact. (This applies to those contacts which were imported from the legacy KIA database.)


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