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Filter Search

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Whether you are looking at Contacts, Organisations, BD Activities or any other category of data in Sugar, the process of filtering or searching remains the same.


Select 'View' from the list of available options in the module drop-down menu:




Sugar will automatically return all available records. New or recently edited records will appear at the top of the list.


From this screen you can build a wide variety of searches by adding filters to the data in the list.


To search by the name of the record start to type the name in the search bar. Sugar will filter the results in real time.




Add a filter by clicking on the button which says 'Create'. After you do this, a drop down of available filter options will appear.





In this example I chose to create a filter showing all Notable Legal Work with BVI as the related jurisdiction. Sugar automatically filters the data as soon as I create the filter.




I can add multiple filters by clicking on the + sign on the right of the existing filter. Each time I add a new filter I narrow down the data appearing in the list below.




I can save a set of filters if I expect that I will need to run the same search in the future.




Any saved filters will now appear in the drop down menu under Filter.