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Q: If I notice duplicate organisations, who should I tell?


If you notice a duplicate organisation that needs to be cleaned up, or any other change that may be needed to an organisation record, contact the CRM Administrators at marketing@harneys.com. You can also use the request update link on the organisation record, which launches an email pre-addressed to marketing@harneys.com.


See Editing an Organisation Record for more details.



Q: What is the difference between a Note and a BD Activity?


Notes are used to store short, simple pieces of information about a contact or an organisation. If the information you wish to store about the contact or organisation does not relate to a specific interaction but is more general in nature, it is probably best to use a Note.


But bear in mind that there are some important differences between Notes and BD Activities:


Notes have fewer fields to populate and do not include follow-up or assessment fields
Notes are not factored in when reports on time spent or BD activities by individual fee-earners are prepared.


Q: When should I use a Note?


Notes are only good for short, simple pieces of information about a contact. When you are reporting about an interaction between yourself and a contact (whether telephone, coffee, meal, presentation, whatever) you should be creating a BD Activity, not a Note. There are a few occasions when you may want to create a Note, however:


To indicate that you reached out to a contact but that it did not work out for you to meet with them, or that they were not interested.
To share a piece of information you may have learned about a contact that might be useful for colleagues to know going forward. (eg Contact X is moving to Singapore ..... I played in the school band with Contact Y .... We did a big project with Contact Z and she was very pleased...)
In Marketing we use Notes to indicate when someone has been included in a list of directory references.



Q: I do not see the meetings I just added in the BD Dashlet. What's wrong?


If you were adding meetings that happened more than a couple of days ago, your meetings are probably there but simply on the second or third page. By default the meetings in this dashlet appear in order of the date of the meeting, not the date added. You can change the way data is sorted on your home screen by adjusting the dashlet settings. (See: Personalising your home screen for more on dashlets)



Q: How do I find contacts, BD Activity or other records that were created by a former employee?


While you cannot search for records assigned to staff who are no longer active Sugar users, there is a workaround which CRM Administrators can perform.


If you require such information contact a CRM Administrator will have to re-activate the user temporarily, carry out the search / report for you, and then de-activate the user again.


This is one reason why we do not delete users when they no longer work for Harneys. Keeping former staff as inactive users allows us to preserve relationship information.


See: Leavers


Q: What if more than one person from Harneys attended a meeting? Do we both have to file a meeting report?


No, you do not. After the meeting agree who will file the report. When the report is created, the person filing the report will be listed as the Assigned User and any other Harneys attendees should be added to the meeting as attendees. (If the other staff are not added as users, this meeting will not appear on their BD summary reports.)


Sometimes it makes sense for staff to file their own reports about conferences and networking events since you would be networking with different people and will have different conversations.


See: Creating BD Activity



Q: What if a contact wants to receive our marketing emails on two email addresses?


Although we can store more than one email address against a contact, only the Primary Email will receive our marketing emails. If the contact specifically asks to receive emails on both addresses and you cannot talk them out of it, it will be necessary to create two contact records.


Q: Why is my contact not receiving our marketing emails?


Many different things could be causing this to happen:


?We have the wrong email address - Check Sugar to make sure that the email address is correct
?The contact is not on the right interest area lists -- Check Sugar to make sure that the contact’s interest areas are right
?The contact could be on our inactive soft bounce list. Ask a CRM Administrator to check.
?Our emails are not getting past the company’s firewall: ask your contact to add newsletters@harneys.com to his or her address book or safe senders list
?Our emails are going into a junk folder: ask your contact to check his or her junk folder (this applies mostly to contacts without corporate email accounts).