Editing a contact record

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Editing a contact record

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For the most part, editing a contact record is as easy as making the desired changes. and clicking save Some changes must be made by administrators, however.


Editing a contact



Hover over the field name and then click the edit pencil on any field within the contact record.


Within the edit screen, standard users can edit any of the following fields:


Address, primary or mailing
Job Title
Office phone
Email address
Interest areas
Contact type
Primary language


Requesting a change in employer, contact merge, or change in Do Not Mail status


There are a few changes which CRM Administrators must make: duplicate contact merge, changing a contact's employer, or changing the Do Not Mail status of a contact. To request one of these changes:


Navigate to the Request Update tab






Select one of the available options, providing details in the field provided.






After the request is saved your update will be forwarded to a CRM Administrator for processing. Changes are normally processed within one working day. If the CRM Administrator has any questions he or she will contact you.