Creating a Custom Event Log

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Creating a Custom Event Log

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Custom Event Logs in Act-On are used to record an event or interaction which takes place off-line or which are otherwise not automatically captured via Sugar or Act-On.


Before creating a custom event log ensure that all contacts on your event list are already in Sugar by importing your attendee list.


Prepare your event list


The only required fields for your event lists in Act-On are:


Email address

Name of Event

Date of Event


Navigate to Custom Event Logs under the Lists tab in Act-On.




Create a New Custom Event Log


Upload your event list


Map your list to Act-On's custom event fields in this way:


Select attended an event under Action:


attended an event


The options in the drop-down menus relate to the column titles in your spreadsheet.


clip0001 (2)



On the next screen Act-On will verify (1) that you wish to create a new event title (you do) and will let you know if you need to change the format of your date. Click Finish once you are done with this screen.


clip0002 (2)


Add a lead scoring rule for the event


Navigate to Scoring Rules under Lists in Act-On. From the drop-down at the bottom of the screen select: Custom: Specific attended an event. Select the event that you just added and assign a lead score in keeping with the Lead Scoring rules.


Check your work


Now if you navigate to a contact from your event list in Sugar, you will see a custom event log in the Act-On integrator.




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