Bounced email handling

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Bounced email handling

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When we send mailshots to our contacts we get large volumes of bounce back messages. The vast majority of these are simple out of office notifications, but sometimes the bounced emails contain (1) unsubscribe or email update requests (2) announcements that someone has left the company.


Processing bounced emails


Bounces arrive in the mailbox. Following a mailshot the receptionists sift through incoming bounced emails to identify any of substance. Remaining emails are flagged with red and processed accordingly.


If you do not have access to the newsletters mailbox, ask the IT department to add it to your Outlook.


Act on any email update requests by editing the contact record in Sugar.


Act on any unsubscribe requests by adding the email address to the opt-out list in Act-On.


Act on 'left the firm' notices by following our protocol for handling contacts that have moved jobs.


Drag any emails that have been acted upon into the folder labeled Newsletter bounces complete



Specific scenarios


Some people use anti-spam tools that won't deliver a piece of mail unless we, the sender, click on a link in an automatic reply message. Click on these when they arise as it will increase the deliver-ability of our emails.


Some companies' 'left the firm' notices do not contain the email address to which the original message was sent. There is nothing that can be done about this.