Behaviour Based Interest Area Updates

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Behaviour Based Interest Area Updates

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We can improve the accuracy of our interest area data by updating contacts' interest areas on the basis of certain actions that they take in relation to our content.


For example, we recently sent a mailshot on Islamic Finance to our Banking & Finance mailing list. We then wanted to update the interest area field for Islamic Finance, in respect of everyone who downloaded the article in the mailshot. This is how this is accomplished:



Create the content as a media file in Act-On



Create a segment in Act-On that contains all the contacts who consumed the content / took the action


In the example above, this is what the segment definition looks like:





Set up a maintenance programme that populates the relevant interest area field with a numeral 1. Schedule this programme to run periodically.



Set up the Sugar sync in relation to this segment only to push only the relevant interest area field to Sugar.









There is no need to schedule a specific data push at the segment level. The data will be updated as part of the primary data sync which takes place twice a day.


However you should always spot check your programmes and syncs regularly to ensure they are working as expected.