Back-ups and Sugar Support

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Back-ups and Sugar Support

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Getting developer help


Our primary Sugar support resource is Dilshad Delawalla, of Alycom Business Solutions in the United States (Dallas). Her contact details are:


Dilshad Delawalla

Phone: (214)228-2287
Fax: (214)975-2855


We can also call upon:


Christian Wettre
W-Systems Corp.
Office Tel: +1 201 760 2565 Extension 301
Mobile Tel: +1 201 787 0509
Fax: +1 201 760 2563
Skype: christian.wettre



Creating a Sugar Support case


Dilshad Delawalla is responsible for communicating with Sugar on our behalf. If however she is not available the following persons have access to the Sugar Support portal and can open an emergency ticket with Sugar:


Susanna Henighan Potter

Greau Maduro

Benny Lam


Shutting down Sugar for all users


If it is ever necessary to restrict access to Sugar for all Harneys users, while we resolve issues or deal with a system problem, the fastest and best way to do this is a mass update of all Users, excluding any relevant administrator users, to make them Inactive. When a users is inactive he or she cannot log in.


System back-up


Benny Lam is responsible for taking a back-up of all Harneys' Sugar data every two weeks. Copies of back up data can also be obtained from Sugar.



Updating this Sugar help


This Sugar help guide is produced using a piece of software called Help + Manual. At the time of this writing, the firm has one license for this software which is installed on SHP's computer. Training is also looking at getting one.


Changes to this document are made by:


Editing the native Help + Manual file on Susanna's computer
Publishing the updated file as a web-help file to the following location: \\Hwrstore02\marketing\CRM\Helpandmanual\HTML\index.html. (This is the default setting for the file.)
Opening Susanna's FTP application, Global Scape, and double clicking on the connection.
Ensure that the location in the local drive tab is also \\Hwrstore02\marketing\CRM\Helpandmanual\HTML
Drag and drop all the files or only those that you have recently edited/added (sort by edit date) into the top right panel
The system should automatically update at this point