Adding Notable Legal Work

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Adding Notable Legal Work

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The Notable Legal Work module is where we store examples of deals or cases which have potential publicity value or which may be useful in directory submissions, pitches or marketing materials.


Navigate to the Create Notable Legal Work form


Through the main menu navigation:




Or through the Quick Create form:





Below are notes on the various fields in this form:




Use descriptive names which describe the nature of the transaction such as "$20m Bermuda golf course financing" rather than cryptic names, such as Project Par


Is this transactional, or non-transactional? We collect value and close date for transactions.


Select one or more jurisdictions which this work related to.


Select one or more regions which this work related to.


Select one or more sectors that this work (or the client) is related to.


Select one or more practice area that this work related to.

Parties Advised

List the name of client or clients

Harneys lawyers involved

List the names of any lawyers who should be associated with this project on any publicity

Lawyer Initials

This is a system generated field used to link Sugar with our proposal software. Please do not edit.

Other parties

List other parties (underlying clients or advisers) who were involved on the other side of the matter.

Further information

Is there a webpage that has more information about this deal?

Full description

Provide as much detail as possible about the deal. This information is for internal purposes only.

Publishable summary

Provide a publishable description of the deal. Leave out any information which is confidential. This information may be used in publicity including the website or the media. If the deal is confidential in all respects, leave this field blank.

Short summary for Content Pilot

Max 255 character summary of the deal for inclusion in bullet point form in pitches, brochures, and bio pages produced via Content Pilot. If the deal should not be available to use in these sorts of documents, leave this field empty. Anything placed is this field is subject to publication

Publicity value / size

Provide an assessment of the publicity value. If this is a deal with a dollar value consider using the suggested options. This information is used to prioritise high value / significant experience when it appears in our marketing materials. If the deal is confidential select unknown/not relevant.

Project value

Put the value (not fees billed) of the deal in this field as a numeral (no words). Convert to USD first.

Date closed

Required for all transaction deals - if a specific date is not known or available select the end of the month.

Review date

Use this field to indicate whether the experience item should be reviewed or updated. This applies to ongoing cases or matters, or to situations when we are awaiting client approval.

Review notes

Use this space to explain what needs to be reviewed upon the review date.

Notes on confidentiality

Use this space to explain what, if anything, is confidential about this matter.


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