Adding a press contact

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Adding a press contact

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Just as Sugar is a powerful tool for managing our contact and client database, it is also good for managing our press contacts.


The following notes assume that readers are already familiar with the basics of creating contacts in Sugar and that you are familiar with press contacts generally.


Creating a press contact (editorial only)


Create the contact in the usual way.


Select Press in the Contact Type drop-down, available on the Other tab.




Tick any appropriate press category boxes


After you select press additional press categories will appear. Select any that apply. Your choices will determine which releases a particular media contact receives.


Legal Trade

Publications that cover the legal industry in particular.

Business Media

General or mainstream business publications.


Directory researchers


Media contacts that cover transactions and deals


Media contacts that cover new lawyer appointments and promotions


Tick any appropriate interest area boxes


In addition, you can and should use the same interest area tick boxes that we use for other contacts to indicate whether a journalist focusses on a particular practice area of region, such as Funds, Litigation, Asia, Africa, etc.


Creating a press contact (sales)


If you are adding a sales contact, select Sales from the Contact Type menu.