Adding a BD Activity / Event report

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Adding a BD Activity / Event report

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BD Activity Reports are records of meetings, presentations or other interactions with clients or prospects of a business development and/or client relationship nature. Conferences and Networking Events of a marketing nature are also included here.


Tip: Did you team up with a colleague on the client meeting? Agree amongst yourself first who will be responsible for entering the meeting report. In most cases there is no need for multiple reports about the same meeting. (The exception to this is networking events where you each would have met and spoken with different people.)


Navigate to the Organisation which the BD Activity or Event relates to. In the case of events, this will normally be the host or sponsoring organisation.


Click Create BD Activity within the History panel





The meeting record


The BD Activity report form looks like this. Required fields are indicated.





It is largely self-explanatory, but here are some specific notes on certain fields:



Be as descriptive as possible. Include the topic discussed or nature of the event. This is the heading that others users will see in reports and various list views.

Meeting Type

Select Business Development Meeting for specific client-facing BD meetings. Select Conference / Event for conference attendance or events of a networking or profile-raising nature.

Next Steps

Indicate what the action points from the meeting are. (This option only appears for Business Development Meetings.)

Follow Up Date

If there is a specific follow-up, put a date here. (This field only appears for Business Development Meetings.)

Duration of Meeting

The length of time here will be used to prepare reports on time spent on business development activities. Please ensure it is accurate.

Opportunity Assessment

What is your assessment of the likelihood that work will come from this client or opportunity? This field is used to filter BD Activities in certain reports and searches. You can also use it to help you prioritise follow-ups. (This field only appears for Business Development Meetings.)

Cost of Registration / Currency

This option only appears for conferences and is used for reporting purposes. Please complete.


Defaults to the user who is inputting the data. If you are inputting data on behalf of someone else (such as a secretary inputting for a lawyer) change this to the staff member who attended the event or meeting.



Adding attendees


Indicate who attended the meeting by adding them as Attendees. Attendees should include both contacts and colleagues. Type all or part of the name or email address of the individuals in attendance to look for them in Sugar. Once you locate the correct contact click Add to relate this contact to the meeting.




Tip: You can relate as many contacts as you wish to a meeting and there is no restriction on adding contacts from any organisation, even if it is not the organisation you are creating the meeting report under.


If the contact you are looking for does not already exist in Sugar you will need to create the contact first. It is a good practice to create all new contacts before creating the meeting report in Sugar.


Add any other Harneys attendees as well, by searching for the name. User records appear with small USER icons to the left hand side of the name. If the employee's name appears twice be sure to select the USER record.


Please note that you can add attendees to an existing BD Activity in either of two ways:


Edit the BD Activity record and add new attendees following the steps outlined above, or,


Click the arrow in the Contacts subpanel beneath the meeting record and select 'Link Existing Record'. This will open a contact search screen from which you can identify an existing record to link.




By following these steps the BD Activity which you create will be visible as part of the history panel on both the Organisation and the Contact(s) records. If you do not add any attendees to your meeting the meeting will not appear under any contacts. It will only appear under the organisation.


If the Organisation does not already exist


Occasionally you may need to create a BD Activity for an organisation not already in Sugar. In this case you will create a contact first, and click the New Organisation Needed button in that process. 


Once the contact is created simply navigate to the History panel and create your history from that screen following the steps above. After the new Organisation has been created the CRM Administrator will ensure it is related to your meeting report.


Creating a Conference / Event record


If you are creating a record of a conference or networking event, select Conference from the drop-down menu at the top of the form. As discussed above, some of the fields vary based on which type of meeting or event you are logging.


Occasionally you will need to enter a Conference / Event which is not related to a single Organisation. In this case you can use the 'Create Conference / Event' option which appears in the main menu: