About Roles & Teams in Sugar

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About Roles & Teams in Sugar

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Roles are how we restrict access to certain fields, functions, modules and capabilities within Sugar; your role determines what actions you are able to perform in Sugar. Teams is how we restrict access to certain records; your team determines what data you are able to see in Sugar.




Standard Users


This is the most common role in Sugar. It is used for lawyers, sales team members, and Sugar support team members. Persons with standard access are able to perform all the tasks described in Sugar Basics and Getting More from Sugar in this documentation.


Standard Users can:


Create new contacts

Edit certain fields within the contact record

Create new BD Activity, Conference and Note records

View and create new Notable Legal Work

Print to PDF any reports they have access to

View invitation lists and add contacts to one


Standard users cannot:


Create or edit organisation records

Export data

Edit, delete, duplicate or create reports


For a full list of access levels see the Admin section of Sugar.


Marketing Users


Marketing Users are members of the marketing and BD team. They can do everything that Standard Users can do, plus:


See and use the email module (used to send press releases)

Create organisations

Duplicate and create reports

Create, edit and delete invitation lists

See the Leads module

Create and edit alumni relationships

Delete and export notable legal work


Marketing Users cannot export any data, aside from Notable Legal Work. They cannot delete reports and there are other restrictions as well.


BD Admin Users


BD Admin Users have the same data export and amendment rights as regular Administrators, although they do not have access to the administrator panel. In addition to all the rights of Marketing Users, BD Admin users can:


Export data from reports or modules

Merge contacts

Edit all contact fields



Administrator Users


Administrator Users have unrestricted access to all enabled modules. Primarily, they can create and delete user accounts, edit layouts and data fields, enact system-wide changes, install software upgrades and more.







All Harneys Sugar Users are a member of the Global Team and virtually all records in Sugar are owned by the Global Team. This means that virtually all data held within Sugar is visible to all users.


Marketing Team


Marketing Users are members of the Marketing Team. Certain reports that we need to use on a regular basis are visible only to the Marketing Team, primarily to de-clutter the report list for our standard users.


Management Team


Partners and Directors are members of the Management Team. Certain reports that are used to track and benchmark the BD performance of staff members are visible only to the Management Team.


Private Teams


By default Sugar also sets up a Private Team for each and every Sugar user. We don't use these teams in any way although you could make invitation lists or reports visible only to certain users by assigning the report to that person's team.