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About Notes

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Notes are just that: short notations made to a contact or organisation record meant to convey a brief piece of information that might be useful to others in the future. Don't use notes when a meeting report is what is called for.


Instances when you may wish to use a note:


- To indicate a piece of information you have learned about the contact

- To indicate a particular request made by the contact

- To upload an important document that should be stored against this contact or organisation.

- To make note of a slight acquaintance or low-level interaction, such as LinkedIn or Email.


You may create a Note from the history panel on either a contact or an organisation record. The Note will automatically be related to the Contact or Organisation from which it has been created. You can manually create another link on the form.


For example: This note was created from the Golden Compass organisation. I can also relate it to a specific contact by selecting one in the Contact field.