About Invitation (Target) Lists

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About Invitation (Target) Lists

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Invitation Lists (also called Target Lists) are temporary lists of contacts. They can be used for event invitations, BD trips or other situations where it is desirable to have a list of contacts that is shared with other users for a specific purpose.


Only Marketing Users and CRM Administrators are able to create Invitation Lists. If you need one for a project please speak with someone from the marketing team about the project and he or she can create the list for you.


You can view any existing Invitation Lists by hovering over the Invitation List menu and clicking on View.


Open the list to view the contacts on the list.


Add new contacts to the list by clicking 'Select'.


Remove existing contacts from the list by clicking 'unlink'.


You can also add contacts to an invitation list from your My Contacts report. This might be handy if you have been asked to nominate contacts for a particular event invite list.


Note: Adding an Organisation to an Invitation List does not automatically add all the contacts related to that Organisation.


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