Interest Areas in Sugar

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Interest Areas in Sugar

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Interest areas are an important part of the data we store about our contacts in Sugar. Harneys has more than 20 interest areas. These interest areas are the same thing as our mailing lists: when we send a mailshot to our Funds list, we are sending it to all contacts who have Investment Funds checked as an interest area.


Jurisdictions of interest

Practice areas


British Virgin Islands

Banking & Finance


Cayman Islands

Corporate & Commercial

Latin America


Investment Funds




Russia, CEE & CIS


Insolvency & Restructuring

Middle East



Tax & Regulatory (including sanctions)

Islamic Finance

Intellectual Property

Shipping & Aircraft


BVI Domestic (property etc)

Harneys Fiduciary

Investigations, Corporate Crime & Fraud


Interest area fields become populated in a number of ways:


When a contact is created. If, when creating a contact, no interest areas are selected, the contact will not appear on any interest area lists.


When new clients are created. When marketing staff create new contacts from the new client form, we assign interest areas that align with the primary practice area of the timekeeper.


Based on the contact's behaviour. If a contact watches, for example, one of our webinars in trusts, we assume he is interested in trusts and update his interest areas accordingly. We follow a similar logic for in-person events.


Based on the contact's own request through a preference centre.