Client IDs

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Client IDs

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Client IDs provide a link between Sugar data and date held by the firm's billing systems.


At this time, client data is available within Sugar for law firm clients only, and only for those clients opened from 1 January 2014 onwards. We will be adding more data in the future. Plans are also in place for a function that would allow users to access billing history from within Sugar.


Where the information has been provided as part of the client opening process, client IDs are associated with intermediaries and referrers and form a part of the organisation page and any related Taxi Report.


In the example below, you can see a list of client IDs associated with Norton Rose.




From a Client ID record we can learn a little more about the client:




If the data is provided in the new client creation process we can also use this module to track the referral sources of clients, whether from an internal or external referrer.


In the following example we can see a list of clients referred to Harneys by Norton Rose.




You can also search within the Client IDs module using Basic and Advanced search. Available criteria include:


- Date opened

- Originating timekeeper

- Region / Country

- End users / Intermediary

- Client name

- Client number

- Related organisation


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